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Consulting and Special Services

1.  Assist you in interpreting financial results and offer cost reducing suggestions.

2.  Management advise in various aspects of decision making to support owner plans and strategies.

3.  Preparation of cash flow reports to assist you in managing your business.

4.  Assist your business in offering financial data for placement with lending institutions toward obtaining bank lines of credit.

5.  Consultation in estate planning and strategies toward minimizing family taxes on death of you or your spouse.

6.  Analyze new business acquisition to assess the appropriate purchase price, as well as valuing your own company.

7.  Preparation of budgets and/or projections.

8.  Preparation of a business plan.

9.  Analyze factors in lease or buy decisions.

10.  Valuation services for buying or selling a business, gifting of company stock, establishing buy-sell agreements, divorces,
and many other areas.